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Steve Harrison

Showcasing the Biggest Tag Team Surfing Series in Australia

Founded in 2001 by Steve Harrison, SURFTAG is a tag team surfing series that crowns Australia’s No.1 Boardriding Club.

Starting with the Men’s Division in 2001 and adding Women in 2008, the 2022 SURFTAG SERIES saw Grommets (Under 14’s), Juniors (Under 18’s) and Masters (Over 40’s) Divisions added to the SERIES with the overall SURFTAG SERIES Champions being determined by ratings points from each Division.

Also described as a surfing relay, the SURFTAG Format creates pressure surfing with wave selection and time management paramount, resulting in clutch finishes with surfers sprinting up the beach to beat the countdown clock.

SURFTAG is all about team work and representing your local community.


Five surfers per team

Sixty-minute heats

In relay style each surfer catches two waves and returns to the beach to tag their teams next surfer

Every surfers second wave is worth double points – POWERWAVE

Bonus points are on offer for the fifth surfer returning to the beach before the time limit


North Narrabeen Boardriders are the most successful Club in SURFTAG History winning 7 x Men’s Australian Championships and 7 x Women’s Australian Championships.

The only other Club to have won both Titles is D’BAH Boardriders with their Women’s team winning 4 x Australian Championships and their Men’s team 1 x Australian Championship.

Snapper Rocks Surfriders are the only other Club to have won multiple Titles with their Men’s team winning 3 x Australian Championships.


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