Pumping Waves For SURFTAG Showdown

Friday 30th September, 2022.

The fifth and final event of the 2022 SURFTAG Series is scheduled to be held at Queenscliff beach on Saturday with a solid 6-8-foot southerly swell marching up the coast just in time for the Series decider. The Men’s SURFTAG will be the biggest event of the series with 19 teams contesting the tag team format, Ulladulla Boardriders will be travelling from the south with Merewether Surfboard Club hitting the Highway from the north.  

Swellnet’s Craig Brokensha is predicting large and powerful waves for Saturday with plenty of east in the swell due to strong winds on Friday as far away as New Zealand. “It’s going to be big and we’ll just have to wait and see how much east in the swell and if the line-up is a bit more organised at North Steyne and Manly,” Brokensha said.   

Contest Director Steve Harrison will be making the call at 6.30am Saturday morning. “We’ll have a fair indication Friday afternoon of how big Saturday is going to be and the swell direction,” Harrison said. “If Queeny is out of control we will have to move south and if it’s real big we might have to run at the Bower which hasn’t happened since the Triple J Pro Junior in the 80’s.”     

Long Reef Boardriders are in the driver’s seat to take out the Series with a 225 lead over North Shelly Boardriders on the Rankings. North Shelly will need to finish in the top 3 to win the Series if Long Reef bow out in the Quarter Finals and a top 2 finish if Long Reef are eliminated in the Semi Finals. If both teams make the final, North Shelly will need to win the event and Long Reef finish 3rd or 4th for North Shelly to overtake Long Reef on the Rankings.    

Kobi Clements and Xavier Bryce have been named in the Long Reef Men’s team, both starred earlier in the Series leading Long Reef to a win in the Junior SURFTAG Presented by Guzman y Gomez. 

2022 SURFTAG Series Rankings Top 10 after 4 events,

  1. Long Reef Boardriders                        3450
  2. North Shelly Boardriders                    3225
  3. Queenscliff Boardriders                      2810
  4. North Narrabeen Boardriders            2675
  5. North Avalon Surfriders                     2615
  6. Bondi Boardriders                               2230
  7. Elouera Boardriders                            2140
  8. Scarborough Boardriders                   2060   
  9. Maroubra United                                1110
  10. Dee Why Surfing Fraternity                1060

Competition is scheduled to start 8.00am Saturday, Queenscliff Beach, Sydney.


Round 1  

Heat 1 – Cronulla Sharks, Curl Curl, Ulladulla

Heat 2 – Freshwater, Avoca, Newport Plus, North Steyne   

Quarter Finals

Quarter 1 – Long Reef, Scarborough, Maroubra United

Quarter 2 – North Narrabeen, North Avalon, Bronte

Quarter 3 – Queenscliff, Bondi, Merewether

Quarter 4 – North Shelly, Elouera, Dee Why

The 2022 SURFTAG Series is proudly supported by Surf Culture Bondi, Guzman y Gomez, The Manly Club, Beachfox Sunscreen, Pine Property, Swellnet, Manly Observer, Tawny Frogmouth and Lifeline Northern Beaches.

2022 SURFTAG Series

1. Junior Surftag Presented by Guzman y Gomez – 13/14 August, Dee Why Beach 

2. Grommet’s SURFTAG Presented by Surf Culture Bondi – 27/28 August, Queenscliff Beach 3. Women’s SURFTAG Presented by Beachfox – 10/11 September, Dee Why Beach 

4. Master’s SURFTAG Presented by The Manly Club – 24/25 September, Curl Curl Beach

5. Men’s SURFTAG – 1/2 October, Queenscliff Beach 

SURFTAG Websitewww.surftag.au

SURFTAG Resultshttps://liveheats.com/surftag

SURFTAG Socials – @surftagseries      

For all SURFTAG information please contact,

Steve Harrison

Global Surftag

0403 180 787