Global Surftag is proud to announce the 2022 SURFTAG SERIES will be held on Sydney’s Northern Beaches this coming August, September and October. The restructured Series will include five events with Grommets (Under 14’s) and Masters (Over 40’s) added to the Series
for the first time since 2001. Boardriding Clubs from all around Australia are invited to compete in the series with each event crowning the countries best club in the following divisions – 1. Juniors, 2. Grommet’s, 3. Women’s, 4. Master’s and 5. Men’s.

Also being added in 2022 is the overall Surftag Series Champions will be determined by Ranking Points with all five events counting towards each Clubs Final Ranking. Up to twenty-five surfers will represent each Boardriding Club showcasing the depth of each Club.

2022 SURFTAG SERIES Dates & Venues

1WOODHILL WOMEN’S SURFTAG9 SeptemberQueenscliff Beach
2WOODHILL MEN’S SURFTAG9/10 SeptemberQueenscliff Beach
3WOODHILL MASTER’S SURFTAG10 SeptemberQueenscliff Beach
4GYG GROMMETS SURFTAG 28/29 OctoberQueenscliff Beach
5GYG JUNIOR SURFTAG 28/29 OctoberQueenscliff Beach

2022 SURFTAG SERIES Prizemoney

The Series will include a Total Prize Pool of $55,000 with each event offering $10,000 Prizemoney and the overall SURFTAG SERIES CHAMPIONS receiving $5,000.

Prizemoney breakdown at each event, 1 st – $5,000, 2 nd – $2,500, 3 rd – $1,500, 4 th – $1,000



  • Boardriding Clubs from all around Australia are invited to compete in each event
  • Five surfers per team
  • Team order must be submitted 30 minutes prior to the start of each heat
  • Sixty-minute heats – could change due to surf conditions & heat draw
  • Four teams per heat
  • Every surfer to catch two waves – could change due to surf conditions
  • Every surfer’s second wave is worth double points (Powerwave)
  • Bonus points on offer for 5 th surfer returning to the tag area before the time limit
  • -1 st team home = 4 points, 2 nd team = 3points, 3 rd team = 2 points, 4 th team = 1 point
  • If a surfer changes Clubs they are committed to the new club for 2 or more years

Interference Penalty

Five points will be deducted from the offending surfer’s team score as well as no Bonus Points on offer for that team if an Interference Penalty is incurred. The surfer interfered with will have the option to surf another wave. The wave ridden by the offending surfer will count as one of their two scoring rides.

Count Backs

If two or more teams are tied at the completion of a heat, each team’s five “Powerwaves” will be tabulated. If still tied a twelve-minute surf – off involving one surfer from each team will take place. Beach start with three waves ridden per surfer, second wave will be a “Powerwave” worth double points. Bonus points will be rewarded as listed above for returning to the tag area before the time limit. If still tied surf-offs will be repeated until a result is established.

Ranking Count Backs

Ranking Count Backs will be determined by Results from the following order of Events,

  1. Men’s, 2. Masters, 3. Women’s, 4. Juniors, 5. Grommets.